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Be encouraged today that God can do the impossible. He can supernaturally make all of the dreams He’s planted inside of you come to pass. What are you focusing on today? Your situation may seem impossible, but God sees it differently. See your dreams through eyes of faith the way God sees them fulfilled.

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Immensely grateful to these two for making my life so much easier! Couldn’t have asked for a better team ❤️ @_piapea @lararapanan #capmixer2014

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Very Truly Yours

To you whose voice is too soft to be heard, but whose thoughts are too loud to keep them in, this is for you.

Write and break free. Do not be afraid of being consumed by the voices around you. The gentleness of your spirit and the vulnerability of your soul are the most beautiful things you can offer to the world. The words that you choose, carefully picked and mulled upon, will be your song. And those who hear will be overjoyed.

Listen and be astounded by the things life has to offer. Stop and breathe. Listen to the stories of those around you, take down notes and see life through someone else’s eyes, then you will realize how different yet perfect everything is in its place.

Make lists – of things to do, things to achieve, to remember, things to bury in pages that you never intend to open again. You’ll find yourself more settled and ready.

Keep a journal and revel in the mystery and beauty of words and stories. Explore your mind, heart and soul as you spend time in worlds you never even thought existed. See life as a great big book, and you’ll see that the simplest tasks - and words - do hold the deepest meaning.

Go places, and take others with you. With your story you will inspire. Carry your readers on your shoulders and fly them to your own eternal snow globe, and they will experience wonder, with snow that falls forever.  

Each of us has his own story to tell.  With words and phrases, exclamations and conjunctions that altogether string up a story that’s unique and honest, bare and beautiful. Remember that nobody can write those words that you’re going to write - those words that will light up and change a life – but you.  

Your words are powerful. Use them with wisdom and restraint. Use them to build up, and not to tear down. Remember that life’s most trivial and important occasions are represented by words – the vows we make in our wedding, the greetings we relay to celebrate birth, and the goodbyes to those who went ahead of us.

So to you whose words are bursting to just splatter themselves on a sheet of paper or itching to be typed on a computer screen, sit down and take a moment. For nothing is more unsettling than words left unwritten.

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